Breeding Horse Thoroughbred Pedigree Champions In Online Horse Games

Published: 26th March 2010
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Although horse racing events dates back to the ancient Roman times, the thoroughbred breed of horses as we know them today is a relatively new pedigree that was bred for the very first time in the 1700s. Prior to the evolution of horse thoroughbred pedigree, the Arabian breed was reared extensively by the Mesopotamians for the purpose of war. And hence, the Mesopotamians earned the reputation of being the best horse breeders.

During the 1700s, there was a significant rise in trade between the European countries and the Arab regions. This resulted in establishment of formal relations between both the nations. Ottoman emperors sent Arabian horses as gifts to the European aristocrats. Around the same time, horse racing was also gaining momentum in Europe.

All horse thoroughbred pedigrees can be traced back to three Arabian stallions from the 17th century. Breeding these Arabic horses to the English mares gave birth to the thoroughbred breed of horses. The thoroughbred pedigree soon became the natural choice for horse racing for obvious reasons. By this time, the popularity of horse racing had spread to the United States as well.

Majority of the famous horses have proven themselves to be champion race horses on the tracks. The Man o' War is a good example of this. He was one of the greatest sires from the 20th century that proved his prominence on the race tracks by defeating all other horses on the track.

Although it may sound odd, usually the offspring of a great sire does not necessarily become a great sire as well. Champion horses are widely sought after, particularly for breeding services. But a strange fact is that not all champion horses can become great sires. For instance, Seabiscuit was a popular champion race horse; however he did not succeed as a sire.

Breeding horse thoroughbred pedigree champions is not easy. Only the right combination of mare and stallion can produce a champion. If you too are fascinated by horses, you can undertake the task of breeding thoroughbreds in online horse racing games. Horse gaming portals offer a huge range of 50 champion colts and fillies each that you can breed according to your choice.

Some of the best sires that you can breed in a horse racing game include top names like Secretariat, Ghostzapper and Seattle Slew. You can also breed famous dams such as Zenyatta, Go for Wand and Parlo.

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